Alfa Laval SX

  • Low pulsation & gentle pumping of media
  • Minimize shearing on shear sensitive products
  • Low maintenance pump with maximum cleanability
  • 14 different models to fit your process’s needs

The SX Pump is Alfa Laval’s premier rotary lobe pump designated for delicate transportation ofsanitary  process fluids in ultra-clean applications such as biotechnology and pharmaceutical, health and beauty, as well as challenging food applications.


High Purity SX Option


The Alfa Laval SX UltraPure is Alfa Laval’s rotary lobe pump specifically designed for gentle transportation of process fluids in high-purity applications in the Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology industries.


Key Product Benefits


  • Low pulsation and gentle pumping
  • Minimize shearing
  • Maximize performance and minimize the risk of contamination


Top Choice for Handling Sensitive Fluids


With the SXs multi-lobe rotor geometry it offers low pulsation and gentle pumping. Making it an ideal choice for moving sensitive products requiring gentle handling and minimal shearing. This EHEDG-approved pump is designed for both Cleaning in Place and Sterilization in Place.


Protect Product Integrity


Ensure efficient fluid transfer with Alfa Laval SX while maintaining low pulsation, low shear and low noise characteristics. This high performer understands flow detail and uses the exact geometry of the rotors and rotor case while employing Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).


Maximum Cleanability & Minimal Contamination Risk


SX rotary lobe pumps are designed with features that exploit performance and reduce the risk of contamination. These include a low-profile rotor nut, hygienic front-loading mechanical seals, defined compression front cover sealing, fully drainable pump head with 3° fall angle, and sanitary or ultra-clean surface finishes.


Cleanability, Flexibility & Simple Maintenance


Engineered for maximum cleanability and ease of access, the SX pump is a low maintenance pump solution. Alfa Laval manufactures all pump parts, including the rotor case and high-precision rotors. This ensures simple maintenance and full interchangeability of spare rotor parts.


To enable reliable operation and lower maintenance the robust gearbox construction comes with heavy-duty shafts, torque locking assemblies and taper roller bearings throughout. The gearbox’s universal design provides the flexibility of mounting the pumps with inlet and outlet ports in vertical or horizontal position.


Availability & Certifications


Available in 14 different models, SX rotary lobe pumps are able to handle a variety of fluid viscosities and temperature requirements, flow rates up to 115 m3/h, pressures up to 15 bar and temperatures up to 150°C. A diverse range of seals is available to ensure the right seal for your application.


All SX rotary lobe pumps comply with EHEDG, 3-A, 3.1 and FDA hygienic standards and have ATEX approval for use in explosive environments.


Alfa Laval SX Operating Principle


A gear train in the pump gearbox drives the rotors and provides accurate synchronization, or timing, of the rotors. The contra-rotating propulsion system has two rotors spinning in opposite directions within the pump head. Fluid is carried through the pump in the cavities formed between the dwell of the rotor and the interior of the rotor case. 


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