Sani-Matic Strainers

  • Protect valuable equipment, maximize production & maintain product integrity
  • Various configurations including: angle-line, straight-line, tee-line, basket & Y-strainers
  • Sanitary design for easy cleaning, inspection & service

Strainers are an important part to most processes. They protect valuable equipment and help maximize production, while maintaining product integrity. Ensure efficient and dependable results from your Sani-Matic strainer. Through partnership with a Rodem representative, we can evaluate your needs and find the appropriate style and size to guarantee great outcome.


Configurations Variety:


  • Angle-Line Strainers
  • Straight-Line Strainers
  • Tee-Line Strainers
  • Basket Strainers
  • Y- Strainers


Sanitary in Design:


  • Constructed from durable stainless steel, and are easy to disassemble and clean, allowing for quick inspection and service of the process line.
  • Select strainers can use a perforated or wedge wire insert interchangeably.
  • Filter socks or wire mesh overlays can be used with the perforated inserts to obtain fine filtration.
  • Certain style configured with perforated inserts conform to 3-A sanitary standards.



Choose Rodem and Sani-Matic for all of your strainer needs. We know the sanitary, innovative, durable design of these products will prove an efficient addition to your process. Contact us to learn more.