Strainers & Filters



Our line of process filtration for air/technical gases, liquid and steam will help you ensure maximum purity standards to deliver sterile manufacturing processes. Trust our reputable filter manufacturing partner to add value to almost any sanitary processing application. 


Sanitary Strainers


Separate liquids and solids with outstanding precision and minimal operational cost. Our manufacturers offer proven technology and a solid reputation for dependability in sanitary industries. 
Take a look at the options and let us know if we can answer any questions about these lines of sanitary strainers and filters.


Trust Alfa Laval’s reliable  strainers for versatile, cost-effective technology and maximum application flexibility for your sanitary processing applications.

From pre-purification to sterile grade filtration, Donaldson offers efficient sterile air, liquid, and steam filtration solutions.

Protect valuable equipment and help maximize production, while maintaining product integrity with Sani-Matic strainers designed for sanitary processing.