Relief Valves

  • Superior hygienic design contributes to safe & efficient processing
  • Protect against over pressurization & vacuum conditions when filling & emptying tanks
  • Simple, straight-forward design results in low cost of ownership & easy maintenance

Relief valves play a critical role in safe and efficient processing operations in a variety of food, beverage, dairy, personal care and other high purity applications.


Alfa Laval SB Pressure Relief Valves


To prevent damage to the tank and help ensure safe operations, the Alfa Laval SB Pressure Relief Valve protects a pressurized tank during an overpressure event. It is designed for hygienic processes in the brewery, dairy, food and beverage industries. The valve can be integrated with a SCANDI BREW® tank top system.


  • Cost-effective, hygienic design
  • Superior hygiene
  • Customized to meet process requirements
  • Easy to clean


Alfa Laval Relief Valve


To protect against overpressure and vacuum conditions while filling or emptying the tank of liquid, Alfa Laval two-way relief valves are mounted on top of an atmospheric tank in hygienic process lines.


  • Overpressure protection
  • Designed for product flows up to 800 hl/h
  • Atmospheric tank in hygienic process lines


Alfa Laval LKUV-2 Air-relief Valve


LKUV-2 air-relief valves are designed for use when removal of air from a process line without loss of product is a primary concern. These provide solid safety, efficiency and low cost of ownership for processing where hygiene standards are essential.


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