SPX/APV Stem/Seat Valves

  • Highly versatile & dependable flow control
  • Hygienic design for food, beverage & dairy applications
  • Quality construction & proven design

SPX is a leading innovator of solutions with decades of experience in centrifugal sanitary valve design, SPX’s focus is improving plant performance and profitability. Years of intensive product development on a worldwide scale has enabled SPX/APV to offer a complete range of hygienic stem/seat valves.


SW4 Series


The SW4 series hygienic single seat flow control valve is highly versatile and fulfills the demands of today’s processing industries.  The hygienic valve design makes it ideal for applications in dairy, processed foods, beverage, brewery, and chemical industries.


MS4/MSP4 Series


The MS4 and MSP4 aseptic single seat valve series are designed for applications in the food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.  These valves are available in shut-off, change over, and tank outlet configurations.


SWmini4 Series


The SWmini4 valve hygienic design makes it ideal for use in the dairy, beverage and brewing industries as well as in the chemical industry. The valves are designed for universal applications and stand out for their increased mechanical reliability and absolute ease of service.


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