Tank Cleaning Equipment

Optimize your tank cleaning process with high quality rotary impingement, rotary spray head and stationary spray ball tank cleaning devices.


Regardless of the shape, size or internal obstructions of your tank, tote or vessel we have a tank cleaning solution for you. Optimized tank cleaning can positively impact your facility’s safety, sustainability and overall costs. By selecting the proper tank cleaning device you can significantly reduce downtime, eliminate manual cleaning and confined space entry requirements and cut cleaning consumables and utilities, such as water, cleaning chemicals and energy.


Rotary impingement sanitary tank cleaning equipment uses patented technology that combine pressure and flow to generate high impact cleaning devices. Cleaning occurs not only where the concentrated stream impacts the surface, but also through the tangential force that radiates from that point and blasts contaminants from the surface, scouring the tank interior.


High-impact cleaning jets are delivered in a precise, repeatable and reliable, 360° pattern. This combination of impact in a controlled indexing pattern leads to an economic ideal, because impact is a one time investment; chemicals, temperature and time are continual, never-ending expenditures, which results in ongoing savings and improved productivity. 

Maximize cleaning for your sanitary process with industry leading tank cleaning equipment from Alfa Laval.