Alfa Laval Tank Cleaning Equipment

Optimize your tank cleaning process with high quality rotary impingement, rotary spray head and stationary spray ball tank cleaning devices.

Alfa Laval’s rotary impingement tank cleaning devices are guaranteed to positively impact your bottom line. Typical savings can look like this:

  • 100% effective tank clean
  • 80% reduction in water and solvent use
  • 85% reduction in time spent tank cleaning
  • 100% elimination of confined space entry
  • 20% increase in plant productivity


How It Works: Rotary Impingement Tank Cleaning


Alfa Laval has combined pressure and flow in a patented technology to produce high impact cleaning jets. This precise, repeatable and dependable, 360 degree pattern guarantees producers use the least amount of resources while achieving the most effective clean for tanks, totes, mixers, blenders, kettles, dryers and more. 


Rotary Spray Heads


  • Deliver optimum tank coverage, using a revolving flat fan spray effect that delivers repeated moderate-level impact to penetrate films and dislodge soils on tank walls.
  • Normally provides a 30% reduction in water or solvent usage and delivers a medium-level of impact at 15-40 PSI.
  • Self-cleaning, self-draining, and with few parts and no welds, the patent-pending design offers simple installation, disassembly and inspection.


Rotary Jet Heads


  • Precisely engineered to use the pressure and flow available to create high impact cleaning jets.
  • Automated and fluid-driven, the devices are engineered to maximize mechanical force, which reduces the amount of time, temperature and cleaning solution needed to effectively clean.

There’s no time for down time. Maximize productivity through tank cleaning efficiency and add to your bottom line with tank cleaning equipment from our trusted partners.

The Alfa Laval BladeClean is the first device for cleaning the underside of sanitary tank agitators in food, beverage, dairy and other sanitary  processing applications.

The Alfa Laval GJ 7 is the smallest rotary impingement tank cleaning device but delivers big power and results. Maximize cleaning with this small, but powerful device. 

Self-cleaning, self-flushing, and self-lubricating, the Alfa Laval GJ A2 requires no oil or grease in the gear train and can withstand higher flow rates and maximize impact.

The Alfa Laval GJ A6-Mid-Sized Sanitary Tank Cleaning Device is a permanently installed aseptic impingement tank cleaner that delivers true germ free cleaning.

The Alfa Laval GJ BB cleans your barrels right, the first time, faster and with less water. Discover how to maximize cleaning with this heavy duty and durable device. 

The Alfa Laval GJ PF FT tank cleaning device for large sanitary tanks delivers powerful, sanitary tank cleaning for a variety of pressures and flows.

Maximize productivity through tank cleaning efficiency and add to your bottom line with tank cleaning equipment from our trusted partners.

The 3-A complaint, Alfa Laval Toftejorg SaniMagnum SB Rotary Spray Head is designed for self-cleaning, self-draining and easy inspection. 

Count on the Alfa Laval SaniMega for fast, efficient, hygienic cleaning in a variety of sanitary processing applications for large tanks and vessels. 

The double ball bearing in the Toftejorg SaniMicro’s rotating head makes the tank cleaning device well suited for a variety of applications.

The Alfa Laval Toftejorg SaniMidget SB is self-cleaning and self-draining with few parts and no welds for simple installation and disassembly.

The Alfa Laval SaniJet 20 is engineered for permanent installation and provides maximum cleaning coverage for sanitary tanks.

Suited for use in sanitary processing industries, this sanitary tank cleaning device is ideal for processing, mixing and storage tanks and vessels.

This rotary jet head was created to meet the most stringent standards of efficiency, reliability and hygiene within the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

Maximize cleaning efficiency! Achieve effective tank cleaning with minimal operating costs when using the Alfa Laval TJ40G for large sanitary tanks.