• Temperature sensor range from -50°F to 350°F
  • Sanitary design manufactured completely with stainless steel
  • Wide array of temperature sensors for your application
  • Sensors can withstand large amounts of mechanical stress

Find the right solution for every application and every process connection with Anderson-Negele temperature sensors. These sanitary temperature sensor are the benchmark for precision, quality and flexibility in hygienic applications.


Sanitary temperature sensors are one of the most fundamental measuring instruments for monitoring and controlling production processes or CIP/SIP processes in the food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical and other high purity industries. Anderson-Negele’s line of temperature sensors ensure efficient processes and sustainable quality with the highest precision and short response times when measuring temperatures and temperature changes in liquid media in many applications, including breweries, dairies, beverage and wine production and in the pharmaceutical industry.


TSMF Modular RTD & Mini Temperature Sensors


Compact, modular, individually configurable temperature Mini sensors and RTDs for food applications, processes, tanks and tubes │ With IO-Link


TSMP Modular RTD & Temperature Sensors Mini


Compact, modular, individually configurable temperature sensor for life science applications, processes, tanks and pipes │ With IO-Link


FD Digital Reference Thermometer


Digital indicating reference thermometer for pasteurization and retort applications


FJ Life Science Series Digital Temperature Gauge/Switch


Battery operated digital temperature gauge for Pharmaceutical applications


SW/CT Life Sciences RTDs and Temperature Transmitters


Platinum RTD temperature elements for Life Sciences applications


SA/CT Modular RTD & Temperature Transmitters


Platinum RTD temperature elements for Food, Dairy and Beverage applications


FH Digital Temperature Gauge/Switch


Battery powered Digital temperature gauge for Food and Dairy applications


FH3/FH4 Digital Temperature Gauge for Retort Applications


Dual element battery operated thermometer for Retort applications. Ideal replacement for Mercury-in-glass thermometers.


TSM & TSB Temperature Sensors


The TSM and TSB temperature sensors offer all stainless steel housing, easy field replacement of transmitter module and a mini version where space is a concern.



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