Anderson-Negle Temperature

Anderson-Negle Temperature Sensors

Trust Anderson-Negle pressure gagues and sanitary pressure transmitters to withstand high amounts of pressure. 

  • Temperature sensor range from -50°F to 350°F
  • Sanitary design manufactured completely with stainless steel
  • Made to withstand large amounts of mechanical stress


In a wide array of production processes within dairies, breweries, the beverage sector, wine and juice production, as well as various food plants, the utilization of  Anderson-Negele pressure transmitters and sensors like the sanitary pressure transmitter plays a pivotal role. These instruments play a crucial role in upholding process functionality and efficiency, while also ensuring product quality. The critical criteria in these applications encompass the precise monitoring of process pressure and the assurance of safeguarding against contamination throughout operations.

In CIP/SIP operations, inline pressure sensors, including the sanitary pressure transmitter, play a pivotal role in maintaining designated positive or negative pressure levels within pipes, tubes, lines,  and other containers. These sensors work with p the Anderson-Negele pressure gauge. Pressure transmitters featuring switching outputs, are capable of signaling any deviations to the PLC through alarm signals. This functionality allows for automatic and quick responses or protective measures to be initiated promptly.
  • TSMF Modular RTD & Mini Temperature Sensors- Compact, modular, individually configurable temperature Mini sensors and RTDs for food applications, processes, tanks and tubes │ With IO-Link
  • TSMP Modular RTD & Temperature Sensor Mini- Compact, modular, individually configurable temperature sensor for life science applications, processes, tanks and pipes │ With IO-Link
  • TSM & TSB Temperature Sensors- The TSM and TSB temperature sensors offer all stainless-steel housing, easy field replacement of transmitter module and a mini version where space is a concern.
  • FD Digital Reference Thermometer- Digital indicating reference thermometer for pasteurization and retort applications

Anderson-Negle Temperature Product Benefits

Stainless steel construction

Variety of sensors

Highly precise

Control production for CIP & SIP processes

Temperature Transmitters & Gauges

Anderson-Negle offers sanitary pressure transmitters and gauges that are suitable for all areas of sanitary processing. 
  • FJ Life Science Series Digital Temperature Gauge/Switch- Battery operated digital temperature gauge for Pharmaceutical applications
  • SW/CT Life Sciences RTDS & Temperature Transmitter- Platinum RTD temperature elements for Life Sciences applications
  • SA/CT Modular RTD & Temperature Transmitter- Platinum RTD temperature elements for Food, Dairy and Beverage applications
  • FH Digital Temperature Gauge/Switch- Battery powered Digital temperature gauge for Food and Dairy applications
  • FH3/FH4 Digital Temperature Gauge for Retort Applications- Dual element battery operated thermometer for Retort applications. Ideal replacement for Mercury-in-glass thermometers.


Rodem specializes in custom sanitary process fabrications and solutions. Discuss your full project needs with a Rodem team member to see how we can help you build the exact system you need.

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