Alfa Laval SCPP Pump

  • Ideal for low viscosity liquids at elevated discharge pressure
  • A variety of models that meet a wide spectrum of various pressures
  • Deep channels in rotors to minimize shear on solids

The Alfa Laval SCPP consists of two positive displacement pump ranges engineered specifically for transporting low viscosity fluids at elevated discharge pressures. While rotary lobe pumps, such as the OptiLobe, SRU and SX from Alfa Laval are the preferred positive displacement solution, the SCPP is a viable option for process applications where circumferential piston pumps have been widely used historically.


The broad range meets a wide spectrum of requirements under various working pressures.


  • SCPP 1 is a solidly constructed model that is ideal for strip-clean applications. It has 14 displacements, capacities up to 450 USGPM (102 m3/h) and differential pressure to 400 psi (28 bar).
  • SCPP 2 delivers enhanced CIP options, making it better choice for Cleaning–In-Place. It has 11 displacements, capacities up to 310 USGPM (70 m3/h) and differential pressures up to 500 psi (34 bar)


Manage Difficult Suction Conditions


The SCPP pumps have large inlet and outlet ports, to help reduce pressure losses as products enter the pump. This design, combined with circumferential piston pump technology delivers reduced net positive suction head required (NPSHr). The result is considerably reduced risk of cavitation and subsequent pump damage.


Elevated Efficiency for Low Viscosities


Tight clearances between rotor and rotorcase decrease slip when pumping low viscosity liquids at higher discharge pressures. This improves volumetric efficiency on low viscosity liquids and helps reduce flow rate variance under variable backpressures.


Maximum Flexibility Seal Options


For greater flexibility, the SCPP range offers a wide range of options to ensure the right seal for your individual sanitary application.


  • For the SCPP 1, select from a single O-ring, double O-ring with flush, single mechanical seal or double mechanical seal with flush, which are available in several materials. The O-ring seal is ideal for applications where pumps are regularly disassembled for manual cleaning. The O-ring seal ensures quick removal of the rotorcase and decreases the risk of damage during disassembly.
  • The SCPP 2 features two seal types: a single mechanical seal or double mechanical seal with flush, which are available in various materials.


Rotor options


The SCPP pump comes standard with twin-wing rotors in a non-galling alloy material, which are applicable for most pumping applications. If the fluid to be pumped contains large solids, the option of a single-wing rotor is available.


Alfa Laval SCPP Operating Principle


Rotor wings (pistons) rotate around the circumference of the channel in the pump casing. This constantly generates a partial vacuum at the suction port as the rotors unmesh, triggering fluid to enter the pump. The fluid is transported around the channel by the rotor wings, and is displaced as the rotor wings re-mesh, generating pressure at the discharge port.


  • Direction of flow is reversible.
  • The deep channels in which the rotors travel create large voids to minimize shear of solids.
  • The hub of each non-galling rotor rotates in a recess in the pump head to minimize deflection even at high discharge pressures.


Rotors for the Alfa Laval SCPP are made of non-galling alloy, allowing close clearances between rotating and stationary surfaces, resulting in less slip and increased efficiency for pumping low viscosity fluids at higher discharge pressures.


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