Discover the Best Kept Secret to Cost Effective Pump Selection

Choosing the right sanitary pump can have a great impact on your company’s production process efficiency, help reduce overall costs and ensure you meet strict production demands.

One of the best kept secrets to cost effective and efficient pump selection is called the “best efficiency point” or BEP. This is the optimum head and flow point where a pump is most efficient for each centrifugal pump that’s sized.

Alfa Laval LKH PumpConsider These Tips to Find the BEP When Sizing a New Processing Pump:

  •  When designing a new system, minor changes to the process design can greatly affect the efficiency of any given pump. Be sure to look at the overall impact to the system as a whole.
  •  If there is a fixed duty point, review multiple pumps to check which size is the right fit and will perform most efficiently.
  •  When the viscosity of the pumped product starts to increase, consider an Alfa Laval SRU or SX rotary lobe pump. These options may utilize significantly less power as viscosity rises.
  •  Balancing system requirements, duty points, and choosing the correct motor size can all be complex. Utilize sizing tools or consult a sanitary pump expert to help optimize your pump selection.

Rodem works hand in hand with Alfa Laval to ensure that the best pump is selected for your process and guarantees to deliver an efficient and effective operation. Consult an expert to help with your pumping requirements.

**Special thanks to our partner, Alfa Laval for sharing their tips to pump selection in this article!**