Alfa Laval SRU


With its smooth, low-shear pumping action, the SRU is Alfa Laval’s go-to rotary lobe pump for the gentle handling of sensitive process fluids within the dairy, food and beverage, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

  • 12 different pump options to fit process’s needs
  • Ideal rotary lobe pump for gentle handling of sensitive products
  • Reliable & trouble free operation
  • Superior energy efficiency


Alfa Laval’s SRU rotary lobe pumps are designed to deliver reliable performance, trouble-free operation and superior energy efficiency. It is an excellent choice for duties that require contamination-proof pumps to meet high standards of hygiene, low-shear and low-pulsation operation. This EHEDG-approved pump handles both Cleaning in Place and Sterilization in place, and can be supplied with thorough documentation to support rigorous validation requirements.


SRU rotary lobe pumps are engineered with features that maximize performance and minimize the risk of contamination. Features include a defined compression front cover sealing, rotor nut retention design, drainable pump head and ultra-clean surface finishes.


Understanding of flow patterns is critical to deliver high efficiency fluid transfer with low pulsation, low shear and low noise characteristics. Alfa Laval employs Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to establish exact geometry for the rotors and rotor case for the SRU pump.


Alfa Laval SRU Benefits

High versitile with 12 different pump options

Ideal for gentle handling of sensitive products

Highly reliable

Energy efficent and cost effective

Simple Maintenance and Solid Construction

To ensure reliable operation and minimal maintenance the SRU features a robust gearbox construction with heavy-duty shafts, torque locking assemblies and taper roller bearings throughout. The pumps operate with no internal contacting parts in the pump head.


The SRU can be supplied either as a bare shaft pump or mounted on a base plate complete with coupling, guard, gear motor and shroud for easy plug-and-play installation. Standard materials of construction are 316L stainless steel for all wetted parts and painted cast iron for the gearbox. Other materials are available on request.



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