Twin Screw Pumps

  • Twin Screw design enables the pump to run at the widest range of speeds than any other positive displacement pump on the market
  • Extreme flexibility enables one pump to be sized to handle a wide range of viscosities
  • Perform process & CIP with the same Axiflow twin screw pump
  • High savings potential available with added pump flexibility

Whether your pumping needs call for timing a product through a high pressure drop pasteurizer with a high viscosity liquid or simply transferring a shear sensitive slurry or emulsion, twin screw pump technology can meet your demands.


Rodem’s twin screw pump partner, Axiflow Technologies, Inc. revolutionized this established pumping technology with a sanitary version of the twin screw pump. This pump has set a new standard for a wide range of pumping applications. The Axiflow twin screw pump offers a viable solution to numerous difficult process problems often experienced with traditional positive displacement pumps.


Watch the Axiflow twin screw pump in action.


Axiflow Twin Screw Pump Flexibility Saves You Money!


The Axiflow Twin Screw design enables the pump to run at the widest range of speeds than any other positive displacement pump on the market.  This capability enables one pump to be sized to handle a wide range of viscosities.  Imagine one pump handling the duty of many!


With an all stainless steel wet end and bearing housing that is machined completely out of 316L billet stainless steel, the Axiflow pump can handle the widest range of temperature swings.  With the Axiflow pump, there is no such thing as “hot clearance” and “cold clearance” rotors.  The entire pump expands and contracts together.


Flexibility  Allows you to Customize Each Pump for your Application


The Axiflow Technologies STS Standard Series of pumps consists of four pump sizes.  Each pump size has up to five different screw pitches. This gives you the flexibility to customize each pump specifically for your application.  The smallest STSC50 size is only available in a C-face connection.  The STS70 and STS90 are available in both C-faced connection or bare shaft with coupling.  The largest pump, the STS125, is only available in bare shaft with coupling design:


  • STSC 50 (C-Face) Suction/Discharge Connections – 1 ½” to 3”
  • STS 70 Suction/Discharge Connections – 2” to 3”
  • STSC 70 (C-Face) Suction/Discharge Connections – 2” to 3”
  • STS 90 Suction/Discharge Connections – 2 ½” to 4”
  • STSC 90 (C-Face) Suction/Discharge Connections – 2 ½” to 4”
  • STS 125 Suction/Discharge Connections – 3” to 8”


All standard series pumps are available in standard 3A and EHEDG design as well as aseptic design.  Pressure ratings on the standard series pumps range from 175 PSI to 350 PSI differential depending upon screw pitch.


*Axiflow DF High Pressure Series Pumps also available.


More Flexibility with a Wide Range of Screw Pitches


With each pump size Axiflow offers a wide range of screw pitches.  The screw pitch is the distance from flight to flight.  With tighter screw pitches the pump can handle higher pressures.  With larger screw pitches, you can achieve higher flowrates and delicately handle larger soft solids.


Perform Process, as well as CIP with Wide Range of Pump Speeds


The most unique aspect of the Axiflow Twin Screw pumps is that they can run at speeds up to 4,000 RPMs.  Typical rotary lobe, circumferential piston and progressive cavity pumps are limited to 600 RPMs.  This ability to run at such a wide range of speeds enables The Axiflow Pump to perform process,

as well as CIP.


The  Axiflow Pump is capable of pumping the widest range of product viscosities (1 to 1,000,000 cps), operating at the widest range of pump speeds (up to 4,000 RPMs), and operating at the widest range of product temperatures (up to 425°F) of any other PD pump (twin screw or otherwise) on the market!


  • High suction capability
  • Ability to run dry for hours
  • Low shear pumping capability
  • Delicate handling of soft solids up to 1-5/8”
  • Ability to deliver a smooth, non-pulsing, repeatable product flow
  • These capabilities greatly reduce the wear on the pump and cost/need of spare parts. This is why Axiflow pumps are proving to be the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for PD pumps.


Axiflow Twin Screw Hopper Pumps


Highly viscous products like cake frosting and cold peanut butter that do not flow are a challenge for any pump.  Other products that consist of a water-like liquid base with large soft solids can bridge and cause de-watering while pumping and then end up damaging the  delicate solids.


The Axiflow twin screw hopper pumps “open-throat” hopper design for light liquid based products, adds to Axiflow’s wide range of solutions for the sanitary industry.


Axiflow High Pressure Twin Screw Pumps


The Axiflow Technologies DF High Pressure Series is capable of discharge pressures up to 725 PSI (differential). The DF Series pumps are ideal for large high-pressure drop pasteurizers.  Until now, whenever a process called for a high-pressure positive displacement pump, the only option processors had was to use a piston style pump. This type of equipment has a large footprint, is expensive, and is very maintenance intensive. Additionally, these pumps can cause significant pulsation.


The Axiflow DF High Pressure pumps provide a smooth, non-pulsing flow and are a fraction of the upfront and maintenance costs.


Count on Rodem and Axiflow pump specialists to help tackle your next pump challenge. We can customize the pump to meet your specific needs.



Speak with a Rodem representative to learn more about Axiflow twin screw pumps today by completing our online form or calling us at 800-543-7312.