Performing Double Duty with Twin Screw Pumps

Whether your requirements demand a solution for timing products through a high pressure drop pasteurizer, stuffing a homogenizer with a high viscosity liquid, or merely transporting a shear sensitive slurry or emulsion, Axiflow Technologies offers a wide range of pumping solutions for the sanitary segment.


The AXIFLOW twin-screw positive displacement pump has a non-contacting feed screw design which facilitates a speed range of less than 50 rpm and up to 4000 rpm. This means the AXIFLOW pump is able to process high-viscosity food and pharmaceutical products as well as low viscosity CIP fluids used for cleaning.


One Pump, Two Duties-Process & CIP


The Axiflow twin-screw pump can perform both process functions and CIP duties. Key benefits include:


  •  High suction capability Axiflow Twin Screw Pumps
  •  The ability to run dry for hours
  •  Low shear product transfer
  •  Delicate handling of soft solids up to 1-5/8”
  •  Ability to deliver a smooth, non-pulsing, repeatable product flow

Save Space & Money


When you add an AXIFLOW pump to your system, a separate CIP return pump and a bypass line are no longer needed. This also eliminates the need for the related valves and controls. This saves space and money. The ability to change from very thin to very thick liquids with the same pump is a great way to reduce the number of pumps in your plant.


How It Works


On viscous products, Twin Screw pumps can run at a relatively low speed to be gentle and provide a very high suction capability. Since the product that the AXIFLOW pump is transferring is moving axially through the pump without any major changes to the direction, it enables the capability of high suction performance, gentle transfer of the medium and extremely low, if any, pulsation.


On thin, water-like products, the Axiflow pump can be sped up to overcome the slip to maintain high velocities to perform CIP and CIP return pump functions. Since the cleaning medium flows completely through the pump at the required velocities, outstanding cleaning results are achieved. The pump is also cleaned successfully by CIP even under the most difficult operating conditions, as with melted cheese and other viscous dairy products.


Axiflow’s wide range of capabilities and versatile nature make it a fantastic fit for a number of sanitary applications. Axiflow has been involved in the dairy, baking, food, beverage, brewing, and personal care industries. To learn more about how twin screw pumps are used in your application speak to a Rodem rep today.


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