Are you using the right Positive Displacement Pump Rotors for your Peanut Butter or Chocolate Process?

One of our customers found out the hard way that the rotors they were using for their process weren’t ideal for their specific product. Fortunately Rodem was able to come up with specialty rotors for peanut butter and chocolate production to solve their PD pumping problems.



 A peanut butter producer located in the Southeastern US recently experienced an issue with product flow when the product was caught in the hub of their positive displacement pump’s front cover. The product then became hot from the friction, cooked on and crystallized, eventually resulting in a broken pump shaft.


The pump rotors that were being used with this particular product were not compatible.



Rodem was able to work with the pump manufacturer to come up with a special solution that will help keep the product flowing in the hub of the front cover. The new rotor design allowed the product to smoothly move through the pump and did not cause hardening at the previous problem area.


These rotors are available for other producer’s facing similar issues. Even better, if you don’t want to spend the money on new rotors, it is possible to get your rotors machined to meet the new specs for this pumping application.


Contact a Rodem representative to help you trouble shoot your sanitary pumping problems and see if this rotor design can help keep your products flowing freely. We can also provide you with the specs to get your rotors machined. 

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