Sanitary Design

Custom Sanitary Design Solutions


Rodem is able to custom design solutions for your exact application. We know that the design phase is generally considered to be the most challenging phase of a project, but the team of experts at Rodem can help. Given all of the process variables, product characteristics, desired flow rate, etc. Rodem has the ability to come up with a sanitary process design specific to your process challenges. These custom designs will deliver the best performance and meet industry standards and regulations.




  • Process Efficiency
  • Process Automation/Controls
  • Process Yield
  • CIP Maximization
  • Equipment Specifications
  • Mixing Technology
  • Heat Exchange
  • High-Quality End Products Start with Expert Designs


Our experienced staff knows about the importance of understanding your end goal. Reaching that end goal starts with a great design. We have spent decades perfecting Sanitary Designs to improve your facility’s operation and efficiency. Not only does our team enforce the practice of a great Sanitary Design, but our entire organization understands the importance of it to you, our customer. We know that a high-quality end product starts with an expert plan.




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