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Axiflow Twin Screw Pumps

The twin screw pump from Axiflow offers a broad range of abilities and a multipurpose design that makes it an ideal fit for a variety of sanitary processing applications. See the below frequently asked questions from Axiflow to learn more about this versatile pump.


Is the Axiflow suited to pump thick products?


Yes, it is capable of pumping thick products with dynamic viscosities in excess of 1,000,000 cSt.


Can the Axiflow also pump thin products, like water?


Absolutely! The Axiflow twin screw pump can handle a wide range of viscosities including both thick and thin products with the same pump! With non-viscous, water-like products clearances and pump speed are used to overcome pump slip.


What size particles can be handled by the Axiflow twin screw pump? 


Soft solids up to 1-5/8″ (45mm) in diameter can be carefully pumped with the Axiflow.


What flow rates can be achieved with Axiflow pumps?


Flow rates are dependant on the product’s viscosity, pump speed and size, but in general Axiflow pumps can handle flow rates from 0.1 GPM up to 1,400 GPM.  Each pump has up to six different screw pitches that determine pressure capabilities, with maximum pressures ranging from 175 PSI up to 350 PSI differential for the standard series pumps.  For a more precise flow rate contact your representative.


Should I expect much pulsation from the pump?


No. Because the product is moving axially through the pump without significant changes in direction, the pump will provide a virtually pulse-free product delivery, as long as the pump is not starved on the suction side.


Can Axiflow pumps ran backwards?


Yes, Axiflow pumps are able to run backwards! They can achieve bi-directional pumping without damaging the pump by reversing the direction of rotation or switching the screws.



Can you run the Axiflow pump dry?


Yes, as long as you have a flushed double mechanical seal Axiflow pumps can be run dry for an indefinite period of time.  Other sealing arrangements allow for dry running for extended periods of time also.



Does the Clean-In-Place method work for Axiflow or is dismantling required?


The Axiflow pump does not require dismantling. They provide you with the flexibility to use the pump as your CIP/CIP return pump to generate CIP velocities OR you can use an existing CIP system to clean through the Axiflow pump. 



Axiflow pumps are both 3A and EHEDG certified and provide a sound solution for various pumping applications in the sanitary industries. See how an Axiflow can fit into your process by contacting one of our representatives.

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