LKH Prime Innovative Tank Evacuation Solution

Cleaning is a vital part of sanitary processing. When your cleaning system isn’t up to par, it can slow down your processing schedule and even eat into your profits. The new LKH Prime Pump from Alfa Laval offers an energy efficient solution for processors experiencing issues with tank evacuation during CIP.  


Key indicators of issues with tank evacuation during CIP include:


  •  Tanks overflowing out of the manway
  •  Having to clean tanks multiple times
  •  Bottoms of tanks are not clean


The Alfa Laval LKH Prime pump, built on the standard LKH platform, is designed to work on applications where the pumped media contains a mixture of air and liquid in the suction line, making it the ideal pump for Cleaning-In-Place duties containing entrained air. The LKH Prime is a self-priming pump based on air-screw technology. 

Principles of Operation:

  •  Centrifugal forces create a liquid ring
  •  Casing eccentric to airscrew ensures top of airscrew is completely covered by fluid
  •  The liquid ring acts as a fluid seal, actively drawing in air or media in air pockets at bottom of airscrew
  •  On entering, the liquid/air will be pumped as usual
  •  Recirculation pipe maintains liquid ring volume during start up

Alfa Laval LKH pump Internal

More Efficient than the  Competition

The LKH Prime offers excellent operational efficiency, reducing energy consumption.  The new patent pending airscrew and casing is designed to boost pump efficiency to unparalleled 52%. The very close impeller to casing clearances adds to the superb efficiency. The airscrew is designed to match the performance of the pump impeller to maintain the highest levels of efficiency over the greatest flow range, reducing energy use.

LKH Pump Airscrew Impeller

Versatility = 1 Pump for 2 Duties

Optimize Tank EvacuationAlthough the LKH Prime offers the perfect solution for processors experiencing issues with tank evacuation during CIP due to its design for liquids containing air, the savings don’t stop there. The versatility of the LKH Prime makes it a perfect hygienic option for gentle product transfer as well. One pump with the ability to perform two duties results in remarkable capital cost savings for processors. The combination of airscrew and highly efficient impeller allows for gentle handling of sensitive product media and is less susceptible to particulate damage, unlike traditional liquid ring design.

If you are experiencing issues with tank evacuation during CIP, or are simply looking for a more versatile and efficient pumping option, speak with a Rodem representative today. We can help calculate potential savings and find an option to help you boost efficiency while reducing energy use, and solve your tank evacuation issue.