Meet Sanitary Regulations with SEEPEX Pumps

You don’t have to give up gentle product transportation in order to meet the strict regulations and high safety standards of the food, beverage and other sanitary industries. The SEEPEX sanitary progressive cavity pump satisfies demands for consumer safety, cleanliness and sterilization while maintaining product integrity.


The¬†SEEPEX food grade pumps¬†of product group CS are ideal for use in processing environments when hygiene is of the utmost importance, including¬†food,¬†beverage,¬†pharmaceutical,¬†cosmetics and personal care industries. ‚ÄúC‚ÄĚ stands for CIP (Clean in Place) and ‚ÄúS‚ÄĚ for the SIP-capability (Sterilization in Place) of the pumps.


Key Features (depending on pump range)


Sanitary Seepex CS Pumps

  • ¬†CIP/SIP cleaning
  • ¬†Proven hygienic mechanical seals
  • ¬†FDA compliant and 3-A approved components
  • ¬†Easy to service, no special tools required
  • ¬†Particularly gentle pumping, low product shear
  • ¬†Easily pumps thin to highly viscous materials
  • ¬†Stable conveying capacity and pressure


The CS pump group includes three pump ranges. Depending on the pump range they are built with FDA approved components, certified according to the 3-A Sanitary Standards and designed to be in compliant with EHEDG directives.

BCSO Range:


  •  The BCSO range pumps are equipped with open barrel shaped pin joints that can be cleaned without leaving residues through CIP cleaning. They meet the highest demands of cleanliness, safety and corrosion or wear resistance. Service work can be performed easily and rapidly without the need for special tools.

BCSB Range:


  •  The BCSB range pumps differ from those of range BCSO in their joint design. The BCSB range is equipped with the proven, closed pin joints from the SEEPEX pumps of the BN/NS ranges. These wear-resistant pin joints are filled with special grease, approved for the food sector and sealed through an elastomeric universal joint sleeve and stainless steel holding bands. They are suitable for use with abrasive media and high operating pressures.

BTCS Range:


  •  The BTCS range features a rectangular open hopper with a compression zone and an auger feed screw. The length of the hopper opening is variable to suit the application conditions. They are used for pumping highly viscous products with or without entrained solids. The BTCS range pumps are equipped with either a service-friendly open joint (as the BCSO range) or with the proven closed pin joint.


The SEEPEX food grade progressive cavity pumps’ structural advantages make them ideal for many applications such as:


  • ¬†Brewing & Distilling
  • ¬†Confectionery Producers
  • ¬†Bakeries
  • ¬†Fruit & Vegetable Processors
  • ¬†Dairies
  • ¬†Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics Producers
  • ¬†Poultry & Meat Processing
  • ¬†Wineries¬†
  • ¬†Soft Drink Bottling or Syrup Plants

SEEPEX food grade pumps are clean and safe options for a variety of applications. Consumer safety, cleanliness and sterilization, as well as operational safety and product liability laws are essential matters that are accomplished with the use of SEEPEX pumps.  Contact your Rodem representative to learn more about SEEPEX pumps and see how you can reap the rewards of this line in your process.

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