Safeguard Your Process with Metal Detectable Elastomers

Safeguard Process with Detectable Elastomers

Excessive wear and tear on moving sanitary processing parts creates a common problem for all sanitary processors. When rubber breaks off from a valve stem, rotor or gasket it can make its way through your process and end up buried in your final product. Finding lost rubber pieces can be time consuming and expensive. Even worse than consuming time and resources to uncover the missing piece, the alternative—not locating the missing piece—can be dangerous and even costlier.

The Solution


 Rodem has a simple solution: metal detectable elastomers. These elastomers allow for lost rubber material to be quickly pinpointed with in-line metal detectors. The result is instant detection and rejection of the contaminated product.


Boost the Bottom Line with Metal Detectable Elastomers


  •  Avoid costly downtime
  •  Reduce product waste
  •  Eliminate the risk of expensive recalls
  •  Ensure product integrity 

Act now to replace existing parts with metal detectable versions to prevent unnecessary downtime, product contamination and costly recalls. Our team can provide competitive pricing and quick turn around on a variety of replacement parts, including:


  •  Valve stems
  •  Rubber rotors
  •  Gaskets
  •  O-rings

Request a quote today and safeguard your process from contamination tomorrow.