Alfa Laval GJ PF FT-Large Sanitary Tank Cleaning Device

The Alfa Laval GJ PF FT tank cleaning device for large sanitary tanks delivers powerful, sanitary tank cleaning for a variety of pressures and flows.

  • Effective & efficient for sanitary vessels of 5000 to 25,000 gallons
  • Delivers optimal cleaning at a variety of pressures
  • Self-cleaning for reduced contamination risk
  • Versatile & durable design scours 100% of the tank


Alfa Laval’s GJ PF FT’s large gear reduction allows it to operate at lower pressures and higher flows when compared to other tank cleaning machines. Like other  tank cleaning devices, the GJ PF FT uses  proven impingement cleaning pattern, scouring 100% of the tank, each time.

The  GJ PF FT  was  designed to offer effective and efficient cleaning for vessels with capacities of 5,000 to 25,000 gallons while offering optimal cleaning at a variety of pressures and flows.

The design of Alfa Laval’s GJ PF FT makes it good for use in pharmaceutical , food, beverage, and personal care industries, for permanent and portable and applications. The  GJ PF FT is self-cleaning, flushing, and lubricating, and requires no oil or grease in the gear train. 

As an added benefit all components of the GJ PF FT are made from FDA compliant materials.

Alfa Laval GJ PF FT Product Benefits

60% faster cleaning = more uptime for production

Control of CIP through validated cleaning

Saves up to 70% of cleaning cost

High impact cleaning in a 360° repeatable cleaning pattern

Hygienic safety through reliable and predictable performance

The high mechanical force generated by the strong jet impingement, efficiently removes products and residues to provide the best hygienic conditions required for production.

Reduce Risk with Self-Cleaning Tank Cleaning Device

The sanitary design of the GJ PF FT makes it well suited for use in food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical and personal care industries, in both portable and permanent applications. The standard machine is self-cleaning, self-flushing, and self-lubricating and requires no oil or grease in the gear train. All components of the GJ PF FT are comprised of FDA compliant materials.

Need This as Part of a Custom Solution?

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