Better Cleaning Leads to Immediate Savings

Alfa Laval Aseptic Tank CleaningRodem was recently asked to provide a quote on additional tanks for a client. After consulting with the client, we discovered that they needed a way to use their tanks more efficiently by reducing their cleaning time, thus freeing them up for more production. This eliminated the need for new tanks.
Using the Gamajet system, Rodem was able to reduce their tank cleaning time from four to five hours, down to 45 minutes. The Gamajet system also uses one-tenth of the water and chemicals of the client’s previous cleaning system.
The customer saved a significant amount of money immediately by not having to purchase and install new tanks. They also realized large reductions in utility costs and sewer charges by reducing chemical and water amounts, so they will enjoy reduced utility and waste disposal bills for years to come. The client predicts their savings will amount to tens of thousands of dollars every year. And that’s before you include the more efficient production time they’ll gain.
Check out how Rodem’s Gamajet tank cleaning system can save your company money! Not sure if this can help your company? Contact a Rodem expert for more information.