Alfa Laval MR

  • Designed for pumping liquids that contain air and gas
  • External Mechanical seal for maximum hygiene
  • Long life from robust heavy duty stainless steel construction

The MR range of pumps is designed for pumping liquids that contain air or gas. These pumps are most commonly used for CIP return applications in the food, dairy, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.


Common Application


The MR has a unique construction, which makes it ideal pump liquids with entrained gases. The most common application for the MR is CIP return when a mix of liquid and gas needs to be pumped, an application where standard pumps struggle.


  • Robust & heavy duty AISI 316L stainless steel construction results in a long life.
  • 4 available models can pump up to 80 m3/Hr and pressure of up to 5.3 bar.
  • “External” mechanical seal for maximum hygiene.
  • One seal can fit up to 3 models reducing spare part requirements.
  • Available with both IEC and NEMA standard motors and has CE and 3A certification.


How the Alfa Laval MR Works


The MR liquid ring pump works based on centrifugal force, similarly to Alfa Laval LKH and SolidC pump ranges. However, in the MR design the fluid is not directed into a ring or volute type casing around the periphery. Instead, it passes into channels on either side of the impeller, in the front and back plate of the pump.


These side channels increase in volume as the Impeller passes the suction port, creating a vacuum and draws liquid in. This volume then automatically reduces at the discharge port, creating pressure and forcing liquid out, thus providing the pumping action.


A proportion of the centrifuged liquid is retained around the periphery and re-circulates, forming a “liquid ring” that is used to maintain the prime.


The grouping of expansion and contraction of volume, centrifugal force and liquid ring construction increases the permissible gas content in the liquid being pumped.



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