Maximize the Capability of your Sanitary Pump with a Custom Cart

Partner with one of our industry leading sanitary pumps with a custom fabricated pump cart to maximize functionality and efficiency of your food grade pump.


Pick the Right Pump


In addition to Rodem’s extensive offering of sanitary pumps we offer the ability to create custom pumping solutions by mounting one of our pumps on a stainless steel cart. Our team will work with your facility to gain a full understanding of your processing and pump demands to create and build a custom cart design.


Expand Pump Functionality, Without Expanding the Budget


Sanitary Custom Pump CartOnce we understand the full spec of your pump requirements our experts will collaborate with our trusted pump manufacturers to match your process with the right pump. Upon selecting the most cost effective and efficient pump for your process we can design and fabricate a portable pump cart to further maximize pump functionality. By making the pump mobile processors are able to utilize it for various functions, maximizing functionality, without expanding the cost.


Customizable & Sanitary


Designed for washdown, our stainless pump carts are perfect for stringent sanitary applications where hygiene is of utmost importance. Pump carts work with a number of 3A sanitary pump types including centrifugal, positive displacement and diaphragm. Further customize your pump and cart by selecting from various motors, connection types, mounting options and more.


Use pumps on carts for the following applications and more:


  •  Product transfer
  •  Loading/unloading
  •  CIP return

Talk to a Rodem rep to see if a customized, portable and multifunctional pump cart is a good fit for your process. See an example of pump carts below.

Sanitary Pump Cart