Alfa Laval Solid C

  • Designed for pumping general CIP solutions & intermittent product pumping
  • Exceptional value sanitary pump
  • General duty sanitary pump for standard transport duties
  • Ability to handle flow rates of up to 90 m3/h or 400 gpm

Intended to meet the sanitary requirements of the dairy, food, beverage, and personal care industries, SolidC is a standardized centrifugal pump for:


  • general applications,
  • intermittent product pumping and
  • CIP duties.


Low Maintenance, Dependable & Exceptional Value


The Alfa Laval SolidC centrifugal pump is a general duty pump for standard transport duties in sanitary processing applications. Compared with other pumps in its class it is an exceptional value and provides dependable, low-maintenance operation. The sanitary design, cost-effective operation and quick, stress-free maintenance, the SolidC offers exceptional value for money.


For more demanding duties, Alfa Laval offers the premium LKH centrifugal pump. Our experienced support team can help you select the right pump for your specific application.


Sanitary Design


SolidC centrifugal pumps from Alfa Laval guarantee consistent performance and maximum cleanability. The pump interior is engineered to provide control of surface contamination and feature O-rings with defined compression. Compliance with 3A, CE, FDA and EHEDG requirements ensure you are operating within industry regulations.


  • Semi-open impeller for gentle product handling.
  • Smooth crevice-free surfaces eliminate any dead zones where bacteria can thrive.
  • Simple to clean in place and utilizes FDA-approved elastomers.


Simple & Affordable Maintenance


Change wear parts in minutes! Hassle-free replacement of the easy-to-access front-loading shaft seal maximizes uptime and decreases maintenance costs. Other features that contribute to solid maintenance routines and cost savings are the easy-to-disassemble clamp between casing and back plate and easy-to-mount O-ring.


Pump Range


SolidC centrifugal pumps are available in four different models that are capable of handling flow rates up to 90 m3/h, pressure heads up to 80 meters (8 bar) and inlet pressures up to 40 meters (4 bar).



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