3 Ways Orbital Welding Can Help You Save Money on Your Next Install

Food, dairy and beverage producers require tubing systems that meet stringent hygienic standards. Complete penetration of the welded joints is needed as any pit, pore, crevice, undercut or crack can become a dead spot where the product is trapped and result in bacteria growth. Unwanted microorganism issues can result in product safety concerns, costly and dangerous recalls and damaged brand reputation.

Smooth surfaces at each connection inside the tube enable successful cleaning, complete sterilization and generally better drainability. Consistent smooth, crevice free connections can be achieved with the practice of orbital welding. How can orbital welding benefit your next install?

Increased Productivity

  •  In comparison with manual welding, the automated practice of orbital welding results in improved productivity. Because orbital welding ensures that welds are reliable and repeatable, time consuming and costly repair work is minimized or eliminated.

Superior Product Safety

  •  Welds performed by orbital welding equipment generally offer a superior weld quality to that of a manual weld. No matter how skilled the welder, everyone has an off day. With automatic equipment welds are consistent and repeatable, eliminating risks of potential product contaminations due to a bad spot in the weld.
Orbital Welded Tube

Reduced Risk

  •  Good welders are hard to find. Good orbital welders are even harder to find. Automatic welding equipment requires not only a financial investment from the welding contractor to purchase the equipment, but also an investment in training and certifying personnel to properly and skillfully operate it. Not all contractors are willing to make this investment. When you hire a contractor committed to a sustained orbital welding program you can trust that their staff is prepared to offer the expertise required to finish your job on time and on budget.

See the difference of orbital welding, without the additional cost on your next installation! For a limited time Rodem is offering orbital welding for the price of manual welding. Contact a Rodem representative to learn more about how orbital welding can benefit your process.