Achieve a Complete Clean with Directionally Drilled Spray Balls

Elevate your cleaning process with directionally drilled spray balls from Sani-Matic.


We understand your process equipment is engineered to meet your needs and may require custom solutions to achieve a complete clean.


spray ball custom drilledCustom cleaning solutions don’t have to be difficult. Let the Rodem and Sani-Matic teams do the legwork to create custom-designed and manufactured spray solutions with:


  •  Appropriate flow
  •  Proper pressure
  •  Exact spray patterns

Directionally drilled spray balls are designed to operate with the proper flow, pressure and exact spray patterns required to ensure a thorough cleaning for your process tanks.



  •  Precise spray patterns: Sani-Matic designers review your tank drawings to model spray patterns for directionally drilled spray assemblies that will ensure all ports and surfaces receive full spray coverage.
  •  Repeatable results: Optional alignment pins on spray assemblies ensure exact, repeatable installation.
  •  Sanitary: Spray assemblies from Sani-Matic meet strict sanitary standards.

Engineering for complete spray coverage requires detailed information up front. To help ensure a spray solution is designed to meet your process needs, please provide tank models or drawings to your Rodem sales representative and we will do the work to help create the right solution for your cleaning requirements.


Get a quote on a custom solution and elevate your cleaning process quickly with fast turnaround from Sani-Matic!