Alfa Laval ThinkTop® is Innovation Leader

The second-generation ThinkTop® V50 and V70 ensure unmatched control of all Alfa Laval sanitary valves used in the dairy, food, beverage, brewery, and pharmaceutical processing industries.


Alfa laval ThinkTop Automation Valves


V50 & V70 Benefits:




  •  The V50 and V70 fit Alfa Laval process valves without using an adapter.



  •  Auto setup and live setup make the units very easy to use and to replace during the production stage.



  •  Lower and with a smaller diameter, the new versions of the V50 and V70 sanitary control units are 30% more compact, making them perfect for installations with little space.



  •  By mixproof seat lift cleaning, the burst seat cleaning mode reduces water consumption by up to 90%.

Alfa Laval Valve Automation Actuation Maintain your peace of mind and control your sanitary valves effortlessly with the Alfa Laval ThinkTop V50 and V70 valve control units.


The Alfa Laval team’s ThinkTop was the recipient of the 2019 Process Expo Innovation Showcase Award in the Beverages, Coffee Blends, and Juices category! With 35 entries, the ThinkTop was selected for its innovative distinction from other products/equipment currently available in the food processing industry and its ability to disrupt the status quo to ultimately better serve the food industry, processors, and consumer.


The ease of setup, partnered with the smart, durable and sanitary design make this an ideal solution for sanitary valve control in any processing industry where hygiene and efficiency are important. Here’s a peek of Rodem’s first major install of the new Alfa Laval valve controls. We are excited to see these benefits at work in our customers facility.


Watch the burst seat clean in action here.


To learn more about how the ThinkTop can improve your processing, contact your Rodem representative.

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