Alfa MP Saving Vs. The Competition

Alfa laval CP-3 Mixproof Valve

The PMO approved Alfa Laval Unique Mixproof CP-3 Valve’s straightforward design offers simplified service and a reduced cost for parts, compared to the competition. These valves will add additional savings to your bottom line without compromising quality or performance.


Simple Mixproof Valve Design = Soft Savings


The impact of mixproof valve efficiency goes beyond the ability to operate dual functionality. We know this results in:


  •  Less downtime,
  •  More uptime,
  •  Increased production,
  •  Eliminated manual connections and
  •  Decreased risk for contamination.

Beyond the hard savings offered by mixproof valve technology, there is an additional opportunity to capture soft savings when selecting the Alfa Laval Unique PMO Mixproof CP-3 Valve over the competition. High attention to hygiene with a simple design and minimal components means reduced costs for service parts and time resources.


Less Time & Cost to Service


Simplicity of Alfa Laval’s design = less time and cost to service.


  •  Less parts to service
  •  Fewer tools to employ
  •  Less steps to follow

Consult a Rodem rep for additional details on service, parts and utility savings, but here are two black and white examples of how the simplicity of the valve design from Alfa Laval beats the competition.


  •  There are a total of 7 elastomers in the wetted end of the Alfa Laval Unique PMO CP-3. This is less than half of the competition.
Mixproof seal shaft alfa laval
  •  There are a total of 16 components in the complete valve wetted end of the Alfa Laval Unique PMO CP3. This is only two-thirds of the number in the competition’s valve.

Complex vs. Simple

Design is complicated with many components and several potential dirt traps Design is simple with minimal components with high attention to hygiene
Difficult and expensive to service from part and time cost Simple and inexpensive to service from part and time cost
Complexity introduces both cleaning and service risks

CIP and utility savings


The savings from the simple design of the PMO approved Alfa Laval Unique Mixproof CP-3 Valve make it the leading choice for cost conscience producers. Consult a Rodem rep for additional specific examples of savings pertaining to your process. If interested in learning more about Alfa Laval’s CP3 Valves or any of their other mixproof valves, contact Rodem!