Aquionics UV Equipment at Sierra Nevada Brewing

Aquionics UV Equipment has proven to be a valuable non-chemical solution to ensure product quality for the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company in North Carolina.

The UV-C part of the UV spectrum is particularly effective at breaking down unwanted by-products from the water purification process for sanitary processing. Sierra Nevada uses Aquionics units for:

  •  Dechlorination of process water
  •  Disinfection of water returning to storage tank on de-areation (DA) skid
  •  Destruct ozone used for sanitizing the DA system

Consistent, optimal beer taste is a key selling point for Sierra Nevada. With water being the main ingredient in beer, it is vital that only the highest quality water is used for processing. Even with an excellent water source, chlorination prior to use is required by law. This is where the Aquionics UV technology comes in.

UV has proven to be highly effective at destroying any residual chlorine remaining in the process post-treatment. This consistent, high quality water ensures optimal beer tastes at all times. Sierra Nevada now has three Aquionics units performing this role at their processing facility.

In addition to dechlorination, Aquionics units will be used at the brewing facility to assist in the disinfection of water returning to the storage tanks on their de-areation skid. This particular unit will be used to destruct ozone that is used for sanitizing the DA system as well.

The applications at Sierra Nevada are perfect examples of the versatile Aquionics sanitary processing equipment technologies. These units have the unique ability to perform many roles in disinfection and chemical breakdown. Not only are these units reliable and versatile, but they are simple to own and maintain as well.

  •  Simple to install
  •  Minimal disruption to plant processing during installation
  •  Requires minimal maintenance
  •  UV bulb replacement is only maintenance requirement
  •  Bulb replacement every 12-18 months depending on use
  •  Simple maintenance can be performed by general staff

Sierra Nevada has reported excellent performance of the Aquionics units in their process. This reliable and versatile technology can be applied in a variety of sanitary processing systems, not just brewery applications.

  •  Beverage and process industries
  •  Water supply disinfection
  •  Clean in place water
  •  Sugar syrups
  •  Sweeteners
  •  Yeast preparation areas

If you are looking for a simple and reliable way to ensure product quality at your sanitary processing facility, be sure to consider Aquionics UV technology. This has proven to be a great, non-chemical solution for Sierra Nevada to maintain the highest quality product and it may be the answer for your process too! Explore the possibilities of UV technology with Aquionics and Rodem.