Clean House & Hoses with Hose Cleaning Cart

Sanitary Hose Cleaning It is no secret that efficient cleaning is a critical component of sanitary processing systems. While replacing sanitary processing equipment and integrating new processing systems may be a time-consuming and costly investment, improving cleaning methods need not be so complex.


Rodem has come up with a solution for cleaning one of the notoriously pesky items found in every sanitary processing system. We have fabricated a custom-built hose cleaning cart for a number of customers to help them realize a variety of cleaning benefits.


  •  Improved plant appearance
  •  Eliminated clutter of hoses on the floor
  •  Additional floor space due to a compact footprint design
  •  Consistent & repeatable hose cleaning results
  •  Decreased workplace trip hazard

If you are stringing hoses together on the floor to run through your cleaning cycle and are seeking a simple fix to cleaning up shop, this product could be perfect for your facility. The hose cleaning cart is designed to easily fit into your sanitary processing facility with no interruption to the daily operation. We build the system in our shop to fit the space you have available and then we   put it on wheels so it can be easily stored out of the way while running production.

Hose Cart Connections

Once the hose cleaning cart is in place, putting it to use is a cinch. Instead of hooking hoses together and sprawling them across the production floor for cleaning, you simply hook them up to the outlets on the station instead and loop over the top to hold them up and out of the way. Then just run the cleaning cycle as usual. The result? Not only do you have clean hoses, but you also have a cleaner production floor as a result of the compact design and function of the hose cleaning cart.

See how a portable hose cleaning cart can help clean up your sanitary processing plant.

Talk with a Rodem rep to get a quote on a hose cleaning cart and eliminate the hose mess in your plant today!

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