Control CIP Consumables Cost with Anderson-Negele ITM-3 Turbidity Sensor

Anderson-NegeleA large Dairy was able to cut its CIP consumable costs by 20% in the first 90 days of use when they installed an Anderson-Negele ITM-3 Turbidity Sensor to monitor CIP rinse water in their system.


The time controlled pre-rinse cycle they were using did not optimize the removal of soils from the piping, which led to the unnecessary over consumption of CIP consumables. Faced with this critical issue of high CIP consumable costs, the dairy needed a true assessment of CIP rinse water in their system rather than a guess based on timing. The solution was the ITM-3 Turbidity Meter from Anderson-Negele.



  •  Save on chemical usage by ensuring soil removal is complete.
  •  Optimize water usage by relying on turbidity measurement over timers to control the duration.
  •  Reduce CIP time by using just enough water to effectively flush the system regardless of loop length.

Turbidity Meter Anderson-Negele

The ITM-3 Turbidity Sensor provides a reliable signal based upon changes in relative turbidity. It combines a proven optical backscatter light technology with the latest generation of electronics to provide an expanded feature set and simple user interface yielding a highly adaptable optical sensing device.


The ITM-3 was easily mounted, wired and programmed and was able to accurately detect the CIP rinse water in the system. Providing the dairy with an accurate evaluation of CIP rinse water meant they could control their CIP consumables more precisely. Better control of CIP consumables led to drastic reduction of chemical waste in the cycle and provided the processor with significant savings.


This simple sensor is developed for specific applications in the sanitary market and can help reduce CIP consumable costs in your process too. Learn more about the proven rapid payback of the ITM-3 from Anderson-Negele by contacting your Rodem representative