Cut Costs and Ensure Maximum Control with EODD Pumps 

Graco has revolutionized traditional double diaphragm pump technology with the only electric pump on the market, the EODD Quantm Pump. These electric double diaphragm pumps are vital components of effective media transfer in the food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, and other high sanitary industries. Their innovative design will transform food grade processing through maximized control and minimized costs. 


Graco’s EODD pumps give America’s sanitary processors greater control in their facilities while saving time, money, and resources. Created to meet the growing demand for clean energy, the Graco EODD pump is a fully electric diaphragm pump that is both sustainable and affordable. These pumps are easy to maintain and simple to use and feature easy plug-and-play installation so you can start saving energy, time, and money instantly.  



EODD Pumps Provide Superior Savings Through Sustainable Technology  


The only electric double diaphragm pump on the market, Graco EODD pumps provide extreme savings when used in high sanitary processing through its energy saving technology. Graco EODD pumps offer a low overall cost of ownership, cutting energy costs by up to 80%.  These savings allow you to upgrade to the electric double diagraph pump easily with the machine paying for itself in under a year.  


All Graco EODD pumps feature FluxCore motors which provide 8 times more continuous torque at low speeds.  These motors allow Graco electric double diaphragm pumps to reduce resistance losses while minimizing the pumps’ overall footprint in your facility.  EODD pumps also feature various cost saving features including: 


  • Plug-and-Play Installation- affordable transfer operations upgrade 
  • Minimal Maintenance- reduces downtime with simple maintenance  
  • Minimized Resource Use- uses only the needed amount of water and cleaning material  



See Greater Control in your Facility with Electric Double Diaphragm Pumps  


Sanitary processing is an industry which requires precision, and you can rest easy knowing Graco’s EODD pumps offer supreme controllability within your facility. Electric double diaphragm pumps from Graco feature highly customizable operation to ensure your specific processing needs are met.   


The only electric diaphragm pump that stalls under pressure, the EODD pump eliminates the need for pressure sensors.  These pumps also have many features designed to provide greater control over your sanitary process, including:  


  • Remote operation
  • Various port size options  
  • Quiet operation  
  • Speed control  


The Graco Quantm EODD pump maintains product integrity for both solid and liquid matter through its FluxCore motor.  These devices are easy to clean and with 8 times the power of other types of pumps EODD pumps are a highly reliable solution to your processing needs. 



To learn more about how Graco’s EODD pumps can help make your food, beverage, dairy, or pharmaceutical process more sustainable contact a Rodem representative today.