Dairy Saves with Switch to Rubber Rotors

A simple switch from plastic to rubber rotors helped a Midwest Dairy customer realize an estimated 1st year savings of $20,000+. Check out the table below for hard savings specifics. 


Rubber Rotor Cost:$497.70
Plastic Rotor Cost:$521.00
Cost of Repaired Rubber Rotors in Metal Detectable Rubber:$272.00
Number of Plastic Rotors purchased in 8 Months (YTD of time of recording):34
Total Cost of Plastic Rotors YTD:$17,714.00
Estimated Annual Order of Plastic Rotors:50
Estimated Annual Cost of Plastic Rotors:$26,050.00
Recommended PM Scheduled every 2 Months of Rubber Rotors: 8 (rotors per year)
Recommended Annual Cost of Rubber Rotors:$3,981.60
Estimated 1st Year Annual Savings:$22,068.40
Cost to Repair 8 Rotors Annually:$2,176.00
Estimated 2nd Year Cost Savings:$1,805.60


In addition to the hard savings above, just imagine the possibilities in soft savings!


  •  Increased production time due to more reliable equipment
  •  Decreased labor time to repair equipment after start up

Reach out to your Rodem representative to see where you can find savings!

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