Efficient & Repeatable Cleaning Results from Sani-Matic’s SaniCab P Series Cabinet Washer

Boost productivity while helping to meet FSMA and HACCP cleaning requirements and minimize cleaning costs with the Sani-Matic’s SaniCab P Series. This automated cabinet washer is engineered to thoroughly clean a variety of food and beverage process items while increasing process performance and minimizing waste.



SaniCab P Series Completely Cleans:


Sani-Matic SaniCab Cabinet Washer Blog

  •  Weigh scales
  •  Elevator buckets
  •  Buckets & trays
  •  Totes
  •  Vibratory feed pans

Water, Energy, & Waste Savings


The Sani-Matic SaniCab P Series features a small sump volume which results in extremely efficient operation. Using as little as 17 gallons of water per cleaning wash cycle the SaniCab P Series offers significant water, chemical, energy, and water waste discharge savings compared to manual cleaning.



Boost Production Efficiency


Less downtime for cleaning means more uptime for production. The SaniCab P Series helps increase production capacity several ways:


  •  Automated cleaning frees up manpower
  •  Large capacity allows an entire process system to be cleaned in one short cycle
  •  Short cycle times, as short as ten minutes, reduces the time required to clean and results in up to 75% labor savings compared to manual cleaning

Help Meet FSMA & HACCP Cleaning Regulations

  •  Programmable for repeatable cleaning result
  •  Designed to prevent cross-contamination
  •  Cleaning cycle documentation

The Sani-Matic cabinet washer is available in a configured design offering for easy, quick specification. Our team can also work with Sani-Matic to create a custom engineered solution. Review the SaniCab brochure or contact one of our reps to learn more about potential cleaning savings and efficiency improvements with the Sani-Matic SaniCab P Series cabinet washer.