Emergency Spares Prevent Costly Downtime for Pharmaceutical Producer

Rodem’s extensive inventory and experienced customer service representatives were able to provide critical spares to a major Midwest pharmaceutical producer over the weekend to ensure the plant was up and producing on Monday.

Spare Parts Sanitary Processing Equipment

Not only did the critical spares allow the sanitary process to maintain their tight production schedule, but preventing downtime through weekend delivery saved the plant hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost production.

When long-time pharmaceutical customer called on Saturday morning seeking spare parts for an Alfa Laval 361 Valve Rodem’s team reacted quickly to get the necessary parts in order to prevent costly downtime of scheduled production. The 361 valve was needed to CIP before production could resume on Monday.

Our account representative contacted the Cincinnati warehouse and was able to arrange delivery of the critical valve spares needed on Saturday afternoon. The plant was able to rebuild on Sunday.

The four to five hours spent rebuilding on Sunday, rather than during production schedule on Monday means that the customer was able to realize upwards of a $500,000 savings, with an average of $100,000 per hour, per line down.

Rodem has the largest stock of genuine replacement parts, pumps and valves in the Midwest and Southeast for sanitary processing equipment. Don’t wait on spare parts next time your lines are down! Check with your Rodem representative and find the critical spares you need to keep your sanitary process equipment up and running at peak performance.