Graco Drum Unloader Provides Condiment Producer with Big ROI

Don’t skimp on vital ROI when purchasing processing equipment in order to meet your production demands. Learn about how one condiment producer was able to “have their cake and eat it too” when they discovered the Graco SaniForce 5:1 Drum Unloader.  This drum unloader provided a solution to boost production time while reducing manual handling of raw products and allowed the manufacturer to earn enough in less than a year of production to cover the expense of initial investment. 


Drum Evacuation Unit

This condiment producer was seeking a solution to transfer tomato and other fruit pastes.  The customer requirement was to eliminate manual handling of small containers, while both increasing production speed and decreasing waste.

The immediate obstacle was that operators were required to manually open 3 kg tomato paste tins and decant materials into 25 kg batches for chutney manufacturing. In another production line, bulk transfer was handled every day for a tomato sauce process.


The need for elimination of manual handling of small containers led the producer to the Graco SaniForce Drum Unloader. It proved to be the right high-pressure evacuation equipment to transfer tomato and other fruit pastes. 


The Graco product line has a reputation of proven quality and leading edge technology. The SaniForce 5:1 Drum Unloader has demonstrated itself as beneficial to both improving the manufacturer’s processing times and eliminating workplace hazards for employees. And the best part? They accomplished their processing goals while reducing expenses! 


The condiment producer was overwhelmed with the performance of the SaniForce Drum Unloader. The return on investment on average was $530 weekly in product raw materials and $220 weekly in labor for a total weekly savings of $750! That means the producer recovered the initial equipment investment in only 40 weeks.


Contact your Rodem representative to learn more about the entire Graco SaniForce line.

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