Skidded systems are designed to house entire applications, big or small, within your sanitary processing facility.  These systems are created offsite and can be quickly integrated into your current process to minimize disruption time, while ensuring product quality.  


This article will discuss the advantages of skidded systems as well as the different types of skidded systems that can be created on demand by Rodem’s Sanismart Solutions’ Fabrication shop here in the United States. 


When to Utilize a Skidded System  


Skidded Systems play a vital role in many sanitary processes, specifically those that require consistent results, as these systems are able to provide identical solutions and methods with each use. Skidded systems are ideal for manufacturers who require a hygienic processing environment and process documentation. skids are idea solutions for plants: 


  • Wanting to expand  and or modify their system with minimal disruption compared to traditional construction methods.  


  • limited on space. a skid can be designed with a small footprint allowing for adding processing capabilities and flexibility, without taking up more valuable floor space than needed. 


Rodem’s skidded systems also are good for processors that are seeking to increase quality in their facility as skidded systems reduce the chance for human error. Depending on the application, they also ensure consistency of cleaning agents, ingredients, and water, decreasing waste in your facility.  


Advantages of Systems   


There are many advantages of skidded systems that can help make your sanitary process more efficient while saving you time and money. Some of the major advances of utilizing skidded systems are listed below:  

  • Minimizes Downtime 
  • Ensures Quality Control 
  • Saves Space 
  • Increases Production 
  • Efficient Construction 


Types of Skidded Systems  


Modular skidded systems can help to maximize efficiency and yield within your sanitary process while maintaining strict sanitary standards. Skidded system solutions from Rodem can range from small devices for research and development to large structures that contain entire processes. Skidded systems are 100% customizable to your needs and can be trusted to help improve your sanitary processes whatever they may be. Skid Systems   


  • Filtration & Separation Skids- Filtration skids maintain product safety and integrity while filtering particles and fluids. Separation skids separate a mixture or solution into two or more products. 
  • Mixing & Blending Skids- These skids are perfect for power blending, high shear mixing, emulsification, continuous blending, and liquid blending. 
  • Steam in Place- Sterilize and clean your processing equipment without needing to disable it. 



SaniSmart Solutions by Rodem  


SaniSmart Solutions, Rodem’s fabrication division, is able to create a skidded system to meet your sanitary processing needs.  Our team will meet with you to discuss your needs and find a system that will work best for you made with quality parts from our trusted manufacturing partners. 


This team is comprised of engineers, project managers, and installers who use years of experience and training to create custom solutions for your facility. With extensive sanitary industry expertise and in-plant experience, our team is trained to create customer solutions for your skidded System construction.  


Rodem’s SaniSmart Solutions team can design, build and install a system with minimal impact on processors tight production schedule. Talk to your Rodem contact to learn more about skidded systems. 




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