How to Clean the Underside of Tank Agitator Blades Quickly & Effectively

Finally! We have a better way to clean the underside of sanitary tank agitators.

Alfa Laval BladeClean

 Traditionally, cleaning sanitary processing tanks with center obstructions has been difficult, time consuming and expensive. However, the new Alfa Laval BladeClean is a game changer. The Alfa Laval BladeClean:


  • ¬†Thoroughly cleans the underside of tank agitator blades
  • ¬†Boosts tank productivity
  • ¬†Reduces cleaning times
  • ¬†Is sanitary in design

The BladeClean boosts overall system productivity because it eliminates the need for confined space entry and significantly reduces the time spent cleaning. Eliminating confined space entry also means processors gain personnel resources and save on overhead. Win, win!



Cone of Impact The Alfa Laval BladeClean tank cleaning device is ideal for virtually any sanitary processing equipment tanks with an agitator blade.


  • ¬†It is designed for permanent installation.
  • ¬†The tank cleaning device is retractable and is installed at the bottom of the tank.
  • ¬†The BladeClean has a positive seal built in to prevent product migration.
  • ¬†It is self lubricating.

When activated it operates at 2 bar (30 psi) and higher, causing a cone of water that jets up to 7.6 m (25‚ÄĚ) to spray upward at the underside of the tank agitator blades. The water jets clean product residue from the agitator blades with up to 4.5 kg (10 lbs.) of force.


Check out the BladeClean in action in the video below:


If you are looking to boost your sanitary food processing equipment performance, partner the new Alfa Laval BladeClean with an Alfa Laval Gamajet or Toftejorg rotary impingement tank cleaning device. The result is a fast and effective clean-in-place process for your operation.


Contact your Rodem rep to get more information on the new Alfa Laval BladeClean and see how it can improve your tank cleaning process, boost production and decrease downtime. 

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