Meet the New LKH Prime Pump from Alfa Laval

The New LKH Prime Pump from Alfa Laval delivers double duty pumping functionality for your sanitary process, offering you a host of benefits for simple, flexible system design.



Alfa Laval Prime Pump SanitaryGet the most for your money with this versatile pump. Designed primarily for cleaning-in-place duties containing entrained air, the LKH Prime delivers maximum flexibility through the ability to also pump product. With tight production budgets and limited resources, one pump with the ability to provide multiple duties can reduce the capital investment when designing process systems for sanitary producers.


Superior pumping efficiency from the Alfa Laval LKH Prime food grade pump results in low energy consumption and diminished energy costs. The LKH Prime utilizes an advanced engineering design to meet the most stringent standards and hygienic requirements of the food, beverage, dairy and personal care industries. Engineered with the combination of advanced air-screw technology, optimized impeller and casing geometry, Alfa Laval LKH Prime exceeds market expectations for quiet, efficient operation, reduced energy consumption and CO2 footprint.



Maintenance is easy and downtime is minimal with the LKH Prime. Although reliability is at the forefront of the LKH Prime design, we know that servicing and maintenance is a must to extend equipment life and maintain maximum operational performance. That’s why Alfa Laval has made servicing and part replacement for the new LKH Prime super simple through a shared platform and common replacement parts with the market-leading LKH pump.

The following benefits come with this easy-to-maintain LKH Prime pump:

  •  Consolidated spare parts inventory
  •  Reduced resources for maintenance
  •  Shorter downtimes
  •  Low cost of ownership
  •  Increased uptime

LKH Prime Pharmaceutical Version

The LKH Prime comes in an ultra-hygienic version too for Pharmaceutical processing facilities. The LKH Prime UltraPure delivers all the same benefits of flexibility, efficiency and simple maintenance. 

Get your hands on the new LKH Prime at the upcoming ISPE CaSA Life Science Tech Show in Raleigh, North Carolina on March 31st. Rodem will have reps on site to answer questions and an LKH Prime in booth #8.

Following in the footsteps of the proven Alfa Laval LKH pump range, the LKH Prime is the new standard in self-priming pump technology. A leading provider of equipment that minimizes energy consumption, Alfa Laval has delivered again with the LKH Prime. Learn more about this new pump from Alfa Laval by contacting your Rodem representative