Outsourcing Maintenance and Repair for Resource-Strapped Firms

Faced with declining margins and dwindling resources, manufacturing companies are increasingly looking to outsource their non-core activities. Maintenance and repair of sanitary processing equipment often are among the first candidates to be turned over to vendors.


However, a strong vendor relationship goes far beyond simply cutting the costs associated with downtime, component replacement, labor, production disconnects, etc. Instead, create value-added functionality through efficient investment in four scarce assets:


  •  Money
  •  Time
  •  Labor
  •  Expertise


Budgets are usually tight, and even if they aren’t, it is always desirable to save money. Rodem does this through our experience in determining whether refurbishing, rebuilding, or replacement offers the most economical option in the long run. When saving you money, we consider the following approaches:


  •  Reduce parts usage 
  •  Integrate processes
  •  Facilitate communication, transparency, schedules and regulations

For instance, by adhering to strict schedules and procedures, Rodem’s experts can better calculate when and how often lines must shut down for repairs. This allows for several maintenance operations to be completed simultaneously. In addition, we can foresee which parts will be needed in the short and long terms. With this information, more informed ordering and warehousing decisions are naturally made.


Rodem can devise a maintenance, testing, and replacement schedule, based on your operation’s real-time data. This:


  •  Reduces downtime
  •  Minimizes equipment failure
  •  Extends component life
  •  Maximizes returns on assets and investment

By performing routine maintenance during scheduled windows, we avoid redundant work stoppages and emergency shutdowns. Our teams pride themselves on intimate knowledge of the components we sell and service. That expertise is critical in determining optimal preventative and predictive maintenance regimens that will keep your manufacturing lines humming along at peak efficiency.


An aging workforce and technological equipment advances make attracting, training, and retaining qualified personnel a job in itself. Pumps, valves, heat exchangers, and clean-in-place systems require specialized care. By contracting Rodem to manage repair and maintenance duties, you can trim costly training expenses and trim your workforce. Our factory-trained technicians act as an extension of your maintenance workforce, only better. You pay only for the time they spend improving your productivity and saving you money. They use cutting-edge, field-proven techniques to extend your staff’s capabilities and reduce response time.


With competent planning, scheduling, and implementation of repair and maintenance functions in the hands of Rodem’s experts, plant managers and executives can turn their attention to strategic and tactical decisions. Focus on core competencies and “big picture” then create smooth interfaces between in-house and external professionals. Freely shared ideas on processes, flexibility, scalability, etc. result in a partnership that leads to productivity, cost, and product-life improvements by synchronizing operational and maintenance activities.


Rodem is the leading solutions provider across a variety of sanitary process component maintenance, including:


  •  Pumps
  •  Valves
  •  Clean-in-place systems
  •  Heat Exchangers

With our full-service technical assistance, processing firms can transform maintenance and repair from resource-draining drudgery into strategic asset allocation. Our efficient repair and maintenance management infuses value into the manufacturing process through increased uptime, consistency, waste control, etc. It improves warehousing and distribution by delivering reliable information on critical wear parts life expectancy, when they should be refurbished or replaced, and how preventative maintenance can extend these mean times.


Rodem’s services squeeze every dollar from your pumps and valves. Our maintenance maximizes uptime and component life by careful inspection and then refurbishing them to factory specs, often a fraction of the cost of replacement.


You can trust Rodem to detect and fix problems in CIP systems, heat exchangers, and other components before leaks, cross contamination, waste, and quality issues eat into your bottom line. Contact us to learn more about a partnership with Rodem.