Pour, Squeeze or Scoop: Pick the Pump That Suits Your Product

Food Processing Pump

Need to transfer medium to high viscous products, but not sure which pump is suited for your sanitary process system? No problem! The SaniForce food grade pump line from Graco saves you time and money by pumping the most difficult materials—quickly and safely! Plus, they’ve got the pump for even the trickiest pumping application.


SaniForce pump options include air-operated double diaphragm pumpspiston transfer pumps, and drum and bin unloaders. This line of food grade pumps gives you the ability to transfer a broad range of viscosities from fruit juice and pizza sauce to caramel and peanut butter. SaniForce pumps and unloaders:


  •  Move material faster
  •  Increase efficiency
  •  Improve processes
  •  Pump high viscosity materials
Processing Product Viscosity

So, how do you know which Graco pump is right for your process? Here’s the secret to determining which one meets your product specs in a simple way, use the “pour, squeeze or scoop” test. 


  1. If you can pour it, you can pump it with an AODD pump (think maple syrup)
  2. If you need to squeeze it, you need to use a piston pump (think toothpaste)
  3. If you need to scoop it, you need a drum unloader or bin evacuation system (think peanut butter) 

So, which food grade pump from Graco’s SaniForce line is suited to help improve your sanitary process and maximize efficiency? Contact your Rodem Rep today and find out.