Reduce the Risk of Lost Product with Metal Detectable O-Rings

Reduce the risk of lost product due to damaged o-rings with Alfa Laval’s metal detectable o-rings.

Detectable Elastomer

When it comes to sanitary processing we know:


  •  Uptime is production time and
  •  More end product, means more on your bottom line.

That’s why keeping your lines up and running efficiently and contamination free is vital to your process and your business’s success.

Reduce the Risk of Product Waste


Alfa Laval offers a seal kit to compliment your existing LKH pumps to ensure that your pumps and lines are operating at peak performance at all times, ensuring your best end product. Metal detectable seal kits reduce the risk of product waste due to damaged o-rings. Fragments, as small as 2mm, can be identified by x-ray and in-line metal detection equipment.


You can minimize the chance of contaminating your lines, resulting in line shut down by installing these metal detectable seal kits in your LKH pumps. Replacing your existing o-rings with these metal detectable ones is simple!


  1. Find the Alfa Laval service kit part number for your LKH here:

Service Kit with Carbon vs. Silicon Carbide Seal


Pump SizeKit Part Number


Service Kit with Silicon Carbide vs. Silicon Carbide Seal


Pump SizeKit Part Number
  1. Once you have determined the kit that your LKH pump requires, it is time to order the metal detectable option. Contact an Alfa Laval distributor for pricing and delivery. Individual o-rings and new pumps with metal detectable elastomers are available as well. Contact a distributor for individual and new pump part numbers, pricing and availability.
  2. Make the switch! You can start small by internally replacing seal kits one-by-one or contact a service professional to make the switch on all of your LKH pumps during a scheduled maintenance window.

Reduce the risk of shutting down your production lines with this simple investment in metal detectable o-rings for you LKH pumps. Help keep your facility running and meet your processing demands! This may be the little investment that results in BIG time, money and wasted product savings! Contact your Rodem representative for pricing and delivery.