Rodem and Ace Sanitary Provide You With A Complete Hose Program

Protect your sanitary hose investments and ensure product and process safety with the right hose for the job. Rodem and Ace Sanitary offer a comprehensive hose program that provides products, maintenance and training.






Ace Sanitary Process Hoses

The complete hose program starts with the Database Hose Management process. This step is critical to analyzing your plants needs, ensuring long-time program success and making sure you get the most out of your hose investment.


  •  Audit & Inventory: Rodem representatives along with hose experts from our manufacturing partner, Ace Sanitary come on-site to perform a hose audit and inventory.
  •  Evaluation: The evaluation includes assessment of each hose and current assembly for application suitability, condition and longevity.
  •  Report & Action Plan: Based on the findings, Rodem and Ace Sanitary experts then offer a prescribed plan to the processor that includes traceable, reportable and measurable results.



From the audit data in step one, our hose experts will provide documentation for the Complete Hose System Program. Documentation includes:


  •  Serialization guidelines and training
  •  Hose lifecycle trending to know what you can expect from your product
  •  The necessary regulatory support documentation (3A standards, 62-02 certificate, FDA and USDA certificate of compliance)

All documentation puts product and process safety at the forefront and is provided in compliance with existing quality control processes in place and provides action plans in accordance with government and industry regulations.




The final and ongoing step to the Complete Hose Program is critical to continued program success. Rodem will work with Ace Sanitary to provide processors with:


  •  An implementation schedule for worry free replacement timeline and reorder dates based on the specific application and demands of each hose.
  •  Development of a maintenance plan to keep all hoses in tip top shape.
  •  Ongoing tracking against established goals to execute necessary replacements and performance management issues.

Get the Most Out of Your Facility By Partnering With Rodem and Ace


Partnering with Rodem and Ace Sanitary to implement a Complete Hose Program will ensure your facility gets the most out of their hose investment. Speak to a Rodem Rep today to learn more about our Ace Sanitary Complete Hose Program and to sign up for an audit.