Rodem at Work: Dairy & Ice Cream Producer



Customer: Midwest Dairy & Ice Cream Producer


Project Specs: Replace outdated valves and flavor vats in ice cream production area


Problem: Outdated flavor vats, manual valves and hard to service valve skids


Solution: New flavor vats, relocated valve skids for serviceability, upgraded and automated valves and more!


Scope of Work


Rodem’s system integration team recently completed a fabrication and installation project at a Midwest Dairy that included the following:


  •  Ice cream flavor vats
  •  New pumps
  •  Alfa Laval 7000 series valves & automation
  •  Valve skid design, fabrication & installation
  •  Stainless steel piping installation
  •  Anderson level sensors

The Rodem engineering team provided the solution to the customer as a process upgrade to their outdated system. As much of the build as possible was performed offsite in our Cincinnati fabrication shop in order minimize interruption to production at the plant. 


The Rodem team successfully executed the design, build and install for the customer to bring their system up to date and improve throughput with automated solutions.


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