Rodem at Work: Positive Displacement Pump Replacement & New Piping for Cookie Process

Our team recently upgraded one of our customer’s Peanut Butter and Caramel Systems to comply with sanitary design standards and ensure reliable food grade pump performance.


The Customer: A large food manufacturing plant producing private label cookies.


The Problem: The food manufacturer was experiencing issues with leaky pumps and sanitary process system piping that were not in compliance with sanitary design standards.


Our Solution: Rodem engineers and account manager designed a new sanitary process system piping and replaced the old leaky, non-food grade pumps with a hygienic solution from Ampco Pumps. The ZP1 positive displacement pumps from Ampco ensure sanitary design compliance and offer dependable performance. The quick install from our integration team meant minimal interruption to the customer’s production schedule.


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The Impact: The new sanitary process system piping and food grade positive displacement pumps not only make the system look like new but ensure sanitary design compliance and boost process efficiency.


Why Rodem?


3A equipment = sanitary design compliance


Our industry leading manufacturers deliver:


  • ¬†Competitive pricing
  • ¬†Guaranteed vendor support
  • ¬†High-quality equipment

Experienced Rodem team executes:


  • ¬†Proven sanitary process system solutions
  • ¬†Fast installs for minimal interruption

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