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Rodem’s first year in Harrison was full of innovation, learning, and fun.  Since July 10th, 2023, we have called 10001 Martin’s Way home and are excited to share the top 5 things our team loves about our new location and its opportunities.  


#5 Location 

Located right off 275 and within minutes of Kentucky and Indiana, Rodem’s new home in Harrison, Ohio puts us in an amazing position to reach customers from across the United States.  Our leadership team also worked to find a convenient location for all employees and allows us to work with people from across the tri-state area.  


“Our new location is amazing. It decreases my commute and makes hosting events for customers and vendors easy” 

– LeighAnn Gunter, Marketing Manager  


#4 Events 

We have been able to host amazing events from an open house to regular cookouts for employees.  Rodem has opened our doors to vendors through an open house and employees’ families to help build bonds within our organization. We have also been able to host our entire sales team for group learning experiences.  


“The ability to welcome our customers, vendors, and employees into an inviting and beautiful space allows us to grow and learn together.” 

-Karen Nickell, CSR Manager 


#3 Collaboration 

Rodem understands that our people are everything and being able to bring them together to share their experience and skills helps us all succeed. This new space allows us to host vendors to demonstrate new technologies in addition to having our entire team in one spot for all employee meetings.  


“Wow, one year in our new headquarters!! The last 12 months just flew by, and as we celebrate this milestone I can’t help but feel grateful for the expanded space that has played a crucial role in driving our rapid revenue growth and profitability.  Equally significant is the boost it has provided to collaboration and creativity within our team. Here’s to many more months of innovation, teamwork, and success ahead!”

-Brock Beach, President 


#2 Warehouse 

When you need anything from a gasket to a pump Rodem’s warehouse team is here and ready to help! Rodem’s expanded warehouse space allows us to better meet the needs of our customers.  Our large in-house inventory decreases lead times, and more space helps us handle larger more custom-fabricated items. 


“Rodem’s new warehouse space makes our employees’ and customers’ lives easier. With elevated loading docks and more space, we can move and ship objects of any size better.”

-Barry Coleman, Supply Chain Manager  


#1 Fabrication Facility  

Our state-of-the-art fabrication shop is staffed with talented Fabrication Technicians who create one-of-a-kind custom fabrications and modifications for a variety of processing and equipment challenges. Our fabrication facility offers an overhead crane and increased space to help our team create custom skidded systems for many customers and processes.  


“Our facility is state of the art! It allows us to easily tackle anything from a small modification to a large skidded system.” 

– Andy Oglesby, Installation Manager



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