Sani-Matic Cabinet Washers Deliver Consistent Cleaning & Cost Savings

We know that quick cleaning is a critical step in your process to keep up with production demands. Sani-Matic cabinet washers are engineered to address your unique cleaning challenges to effectively, efficiently and consistently perform, while decreasing long-term operating costs.


Sanimatic Cabinet Washer Process EquipmentTackle varying soil properties, manufacturing processes and soil loads.

  •  Exclusively-designed sanitary spray assemblies distribute cleaning solution evenly throughout the washer.
  •  Rotating spray arms and oscillating high-impact manifolds effectively remove difficult residues from interior and exterior product contact surfaces.
  •  PLC controls the cleaning cycle to ensure a repeatable and documentable process.

Automated cleaning = cost savings


Automating your cleaning process with Sani-Matic cabinet washers not only ensures consistent cleaning results but also offers a variety of other savings opportunities.


  •  Maximized Throughput & Labor Resources: Automating cleaning processes allows processors to better use its people and technology resources. The elimination of manual cleaning means less strain on personnel and frees up their time for other tasks.
  •  Reduced Downtime: Less time cleaning means more time producing. The cleaning results are repeatable, consistent and this method helps reduce any damage to components that can occur in manual cleaning processes.
  •  Enhances Safety: Manual cleaning processes can put a strain on personnel. Cabinet washers eliminate that strain on staff and help protect your product with reliable cleaning performance.
  •  Water Savings: While measuring the exact water savings will vary plant by plant, it is safe to assume that cabinet washers can significantly impact your water sustainability goals.


  •  Elevator buckets
  •  Weigh scale buckets
  •  Vibratory feed pans
  •  Totes
  •  Trays
  •  Buckets
  •  Vats
  •  Buggies
  •  Product carriers (racks, trees, trucks)
  •  Meat sticks

Interested in learning more about the potential cost savings of the Sani-Matic cabinet washers?


Contact a Rodem rep to learn more about automating your cleaning process to achieve consistent and efficient cleaning results while lowering operating costs.