Rodem and one of our Account Managers recently completed a significant project for a Midwestern sanitary food processor. This company has a long-standing relationship with Rodem, recognizing our experience and expertise in creating highly safe sanitary processes. When they required an expansion to increase their production capacity Rodem was the perfect choice to collaborate with.


The sanitary processor reached out to Rodem, who then collaborated with our Senior Process Engineer, Kristyn, to scope the project, which involved adding another production line to their facility. Once Kristyn scoped the project, it was handed over to our expert installation and fabrication team, led by Superintendent Billy Morrison, to initiate the installation process.


Expert Engineering & Installation

Rodem’s team prides itself on providing our customers with safe, sanitary solutions to address the challenges faced by America’s processors. Through distribution, engineering, and installation, we guided this customer through each step of the process, ensuring that the system put in place was highly sanitary and prioritized consumer safety.


Billy Morrison fabricated a custom tank outlet spool for the process and led the installation of the project with the customer’s design which included Rodem supplying the following equipment:


  • Axiflow pumps
  • SPX Vototators
  • Lee Tank
  • E&H meters
  • Automated Liag valves
  • QSM valves
  • JBF kettles
  • Drum outstation

High Sanitary Results

SaniSmart Solutions by Rodem understood that this process aimed to enhance consumer safety by reducing harborage points for bacteria. Our team worked diligently to employ the best methods available to increase consumer safety while providing our customers with expanded processing capabilities in their sanitary environment.


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