Sanitary Drum Pumps Provide Solutions for a Variety of Industries

Barrel and tote evacuation can be a tedious and time-consuming task for sanitary processors. Improve efficiency, avoid spills, risk of contamination and minimize employee risk with Sanitary Drum Pumps. 


Efficiency and cleanliness are key in the rapidly expanding food, beverage, pharmaceutical and dairy processing markets. These lightweight pumps are portable and can be quickly disassembled for cleaning and sanitation, saving time and resources.


Who’s using Sanitary Drum Pumps?



Piston Drum Pump Standard Pump’s Drum Pumps are ideal for transferring low viscosity fluids making them the perfect match for a variety of segments in the beverage industry.


  • ¬†Dairy: Dairy processing requires products specially designed and manufactured to minimize cross contamination and stand up to constant use.¬†3A certified drum pumps can meet the demand for dairy processing.
  • ¬†Brewery: The craft brewery business continues to grow at an incredible pace, making efficiency of the utmost importance. Breweries across the US are using FDA compliant Drum Pumps to transfer ingredients during the brewing process.
  • ¬†Coffee: Coffee creamer producers continue to meet the specialty coffee demand with FDA compliant Drum Pumps to transfer ingredients from 55 gallon drums to mixing kettles.
  • ¬†Soda: Recent years have seen a focus on health standards of soda; soft drink producers feel the squeeze with the shift in the market. Sanitary Drum Pumps are a cost-effective solution for their process.
  • ¬†Wine: Similar to the craft beer industry, the wine industry continues to expand. Wineries find the Drum Pumps to be the perfect solution for transfer in their manufacturing process.¬†


Rodem offers a Sanitary Drum Pump for more viscous products too. The Standard Pump Progressive Cavity Drum Pump is equipped to handle:


  • ¬†Lotions
  • ¬†Creams¬†
  • ¬†Salad dressings and more.


The pharmaceutical processing industry uses Sanitary Drum Pumps to transfer chemicals. There are a few Drum Pump options suited especially well for pharmaceutical processing including those ideal for long duty-cycle applications and transferring flammable or combustible liquids.


Portable drum pumps are an ideal solution for transferring ingredients from drums and tanks for a variety of rapidly expanding processing industries.


Contact a Rodem representative to see how a Sanitary Drum Pump can help boost your facilities efficiency and growth. Don’t wait to start saving time and resources! Rodem stocks a several Drum Pumps in house for same day shipping.

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